Stari Banovci Hansing: Harry was somewhat ambivalent about my pregnancy.

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So, I've been reading some of the RE posts on here, and I have to say, you people are pretty ballsy. I highly doubt that any of you would be brave enough to say the things you're saying in person. It's very easy to talk trash while on the internet. After all, who's going to know who you really are? You would think that the internet will bring out a person's true colors, and it is so true. I think I saw a post on here where a woman said something like don't be jealous because I'm 5'6 and 110lbs. Why would anyone be jealous? You're actually about 15 lbs under what the average is for a woman that is your height. How does it feel to be anorexic Mary Kate? You might think that you look good, but I don't consider the malnourished look very attractive. To be honest, I'm sure most men don't either. Now, to the person who enjoys correcting everyone elses grammar and spelling so much who gives a fuck? Is your selfesteem that bad that you must resort to trying to make other people feel bad just because they can't spell properly? I actually feel sorry for you. If you act like that in real life, then I can guarantee you, that any friends you might have hate you. Why would anyone want to be around someone who is constantly correcting them? Now, I'm sure the hatemail is going to come flooding in, and to be honest, I don't care. You can talk all the shit you want. If that's what you need to do to make yourselves feel better, then go right ahead. To the rest of you, the people who are actually on here trying to find a relationship, I wish you luck. Hopefully you will find someone who will respect you for who you are. Just keep in mind that the people who make fun of you will get what's coming to them. I've seen it before. The snobby hot girl gets abused by her boyfriend. The person who looks down on everyone else has kids that will themselves abuse their own kids. Sad to say that it's a never ending cycle.

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