Millesimo Macdaniel: I remained in that position for a long time.

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1why do men place so much emphasis on outer beauty? Not all of us do. Me personally I would much rather have an intellectual conversation than stare at some hot Yet dumb bimbo babbling on about her cats. 2 why do men want to have sex almost immediately upon meeting? The same reason we want to have sex at any other moment in time. 3 why do fugly men think they deserve to have only a beauty queen? Obviously, men are going to be immediately attracted to a beautiful women. And what one person see's as beautiful another person may see ugliness. Me personally, I am attracted to nerdy women which i know several guys who dont find them to be the least bit attractive. 4 why do men think with their penis? Not true. DOUCHES think with their penis. 5 why do men avoid commitment? DEFINITELY not true. I had a bad breakup several months ago, because SHE couldn't commit. Gave her everything, love, attention, money, a home, a car, and yet she still felt the need to run around with other men. 6 why do men always assume a woman wants to sleep with them? Not always. But I will say that its hard to figure out what a woman's intentions are, so most guys take a shot in the dark. 7 what do men find so appealing about a mail order bride from another country? Well, the only people who do this are old rich guys. And im guessing that their train of thought is Why do all that work and try to win over someones heart when I can just PAY for someone's heart! Not to mention a good portion of mail order brides are hot. 8 what do men REALLY want in a woman? Cant speak for all of men but, Affection, attention, love, faithfulness, kindness, common sense. A job/car would probably help too, lol. 9 what 4 letter word describes romance for you? Cunt works. Because most of my ex's were cunts in the end. Twat is good too. 10 what would it take for you to fall in love with a great woman? A great woman I would like to say that your outlook on men is extremely one sided. I take from it tha

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